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NC LIVE Shared Promotional & Instructional Materials

Borrow, modify and reuse these documents to fit your library.

Share Your Library's Materials

These materials were created by NC LIVE, member libraries, and vendors for use by all NC LIVE member libraries. Do you have similar or remixed materials you'd like to share? Send them to!

Guidelines for Sharing Materials

  • Feel free to send either completed materials or templates to
  • When possible and appropriate, send documents in an editable format rather than as a PDF or JPEG. This makes it easier for other libraries to customize and reuse your materials.
  • By sending in your promotional and instructional materials, you are giving other libraries permission to copy, customize, reuse, and otherwise be inspired by materials you have created. 
  • Please do not submit materials you did not create.
  • Take care to remove any elements from the materials that you do not want other libraries to reuse, such as logos or images that only your library has the right to use.