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NC LIVE 2021-2023 Databases (LibGuides v2): Search Boxes

How To Use These Search Boxes

For libraries using the NC LIVE password or EasyON library card number for remote access:

Good news!  These search box widgets can be copied into your own LibGuide for you to customize. 

Remember, please do not send your library's users directly to the NC LIVE LibGuide to use our search boxes. 

You can also access the text files to create your own search box widgets from scratch:

Contact the NC LIVE Help Desk if you have any questions.

For libraries using a local proxy for remote access:

Unfortunately, local proxy libraries will not be able to use the search boxes on this LibGuide.  These search boxes are powered by Summon, ProQuest's discovery tool, and are not able to be modified by adding a library's local proxy prefix. 

However, libraries that use their own local authentication method may use ProQuest’s search box builder widget to develop embeddable, customizable search boxes (e.g. a search box that includes ProQuest Central).

Books & Literature

Search Books & Literature

Business & Management

Search Business & Management

Current Issues

Search Current Issues


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Search Education

Health & Wellness

Search Health & Wellness

NC LIVE Search

Search NC LIVE

History & Biography

Search History & Biography

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers

Search Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers

Nursing & Allied Health

Search Nursing & Allied Health

Philosophy & Religion

Search Philosophy & Religion


Search Psychology


Search STEM resources